Cumberland Line sees extra service from 6 January 2020

From Monday January 6 2020, there will be an extra northbound service on the T5 Cumberland line each weekday during the morning peak.


The new direct all-stops morning peak service departs Leppington at 7.07am, arriving at key stations such as Parramatta at 7.49am, Blacktown at 8.07am and Schofields at 8.17am.

The existing 7.21am all stops Leppington to Schofields service will instead depart at 7.37am, arriving at key stations such as Parramatta at 8.19am, Blacktown at 8.37am and Schofields at 8.47am.

These changes will create a consistent half hourly frequency throughout the morning peak, reducing the wait time between services by up to 16 minutes.

Over the past year, patronage on the T5 Cumberland line has surged, creating over crowding, particularly on the highly popular 7:21am service. 30 per cent more passengers arrived at Parramatta on T5 trains this year compared to last. 

Transport Minister Andrew Constance noted “By boosting capacity on an increasingly busy part of the network, customers across the south-west region including Glenfield, Liverpool and Cabramatta will enjoy a more comfortable and convenient morning commute. Customers from the T8 South Line between Macarthur and Macquarie Fields will also benefit from the new service as it provides an extra connection at Glenfield to T5 services headed towards Parramatta and further west.”



Carlingford Line to Close 5 January 2020

The T6 Carlingford Line between Clyde and Carlingford is being permanently closed from 5 January 2020. This closure is to allow for the construction of Parramatta light rail between Carlingford and Westmead, which will partially use the corridor.

The Parramatta Light Rail will partially use the old Carlingford rail corridor – Transport for NSW

A new bus route will service the corridor between Carlingford and Parramatta during light rail construction. Route 535 will operate from January 5, 2020 with stops at Carlingford, Telopea, Dundas, Rydalmere, Camellia/Rosehill and Parramatta CBD.

Trams are due to start running along the first part of the route in 2023. When the light rail opens it will provide the same area with a service every seven and a half minutes between 7am and 7pm on weekdays.


Opal network now Contactless

From Monday 23 September 2019, the entire Opal network now accepts contactless payments. This means that you can pay on all buses, ferries, trams and trains using your American Express, MasterCard and Visa contactless cards in addition to your Opal card.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.47.13 pm

You will pay an Adult fare and, if you use the same credit card, debit card or linked device each time you travel, you will receive the same travel benefits of an Adult Opal card. Benefits include:

  • $2 discount for every transfer between modes (train, ferry, bus or light rail) as part of one journey.
  • The Opal Transfer Discount does not apply when transferring between light rail and Sydney Ferries.
  • Half price travel after eight paid journeys in a week.
  • Fares capped daily, weekly and on Sundays.
  • 30% discount on train fares outside peak times.

Featured Bus Route – September 2019

The featured Bus Route for September 2019 is Route 870. Route 870 runs between Liverpool and Campbelltown via Glenfield and Ingleburn, and is operated by Interline.


The current Route 870 has its history in a variety of different services that have been modified and amalgamated over the years. The earliest known predecessor dates back to an unknown date early in World War Two, when Route 94 began between Liverpool and Ingleburn. By 1952 Route 92 began servicing the corridor between Campbelltown and Ingleburn, with that service later renumbered and extended to Macquarie Fields as Route 102 in 1953.

After operating a variety of different exact routings under their 1925 system Route numbers (exact details are hard to determine), the routes were eventually renumbered into the Sydney Route Numbering System. Route 102 was spilt into a variety of different services, amongst them Route 870 between Macquarie Fields and Macurthur from 4 December 1983. Route 94 became Route 864 from Liverpool to Glenquarie and Route 866 from Liverpool to Ingleburn on 24 July 1995.

By 1995, Route 870 was being operated between Glenfield and Campbelltown by Interline. Route 864 and 866 were being operated by Busabout. From November 1998, Route 864 was extended to operate from Liverpool to Ingleburn, whilst Route 866 was extended to serve Denham Court.

As part of the Ministry of Transport review of Liverpool and Campbelltown area routes, the decision was made to amalgamate routes 864, 866 and 870 into one new single Route 870 from 18 August 2008. This new Route 870 was joined operated by Busabout and Interline and operated along the current route between Liverpool and Campbelltown via Glenfield and Ingleburn. As part of the competitive tendering of Region 2, Interline became the sole operator of Route 870 from 1 July 2014.

Today Route 870 operates hourly between 6am and 9pm Monday to Saturday. It operates every 30 minutes during weekday peaks and every two hours on a Sunday.

400 Dethroned, Sydney’s New Busiest Bus Route Revealed

Sydney has a new busiest bus route after the previous holder of the title, Route 400 between Bondi Junction and Burwood via Sydney Airport was truncated to operate solely between Bondi Junction and Sydney Airport last September.

Route 333 is Sydney’s Busiest Bus Route – Transport for NSW Blog collection

Route 333 between North Bondi and Circular Quay via Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction and Oxford Street is Sydney’s new busiest bus route. This comes after the service was rebranded Bondi Link and had a major frequency increase to coincide with the introduction of a dedicated bendy bus fleet last year. This route is popular with tourists travelling to Bondi Beach and commuters along the densely populated Oxford Street and Bondi Road corridors.

The ability of the 333 to leapfrog up the list form 7th to 1st in just a year is largely attributed to a large frequency increase and the truncation of duplicating bus services such as the 380, which was truncated to operate between Watsons Bay and Bondi Junction rather than all the way to Circular Quay.

B-Line route B1 between Mona Vale and Wynyard has also proved to be highly popular, now the second busiest route in the Sydney bus network after launching just under 2 years ago.

Rounding out the top 5 busiest routes, in third place was Route 343 between Kingsford and Chatswood, in fourth place was Route 400 between Bondi Junction and Sydney Airport and in fifth place was Route M52 between Parramatta and Circular Quay.

Route 400 is still the 4th busiest bus route this year after falling from 1st place due to its truncation – Transport for NSW Blog Collection

These new standings come from Opal data available through Open Data NSW. This data shows the struggle to attract patronage to Nightride services and services in Western Sydney, with the bottom ten services in terms of patronage all coming from those categories. It also reveals the large increase of patronage to routes in the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches.

Bathurst Bullet 2.0 Starts September

A second daily Bathurst Bullet service will begin from September 16 2019, doubling the number of train services between Sydney and Bathurst.

Bathurst Station will see an additional daily Bathurst Bullet form September 16 – Transport for NSW

The new service departs Bathurst Station later in the morning at 7.35am and then returns earlier in the afternoon, departing Sydney at 3.05pm and arriving in Bathurst at 6.47pm. There will be variations to this schedule on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays to allow for existing Indian Pacific and Intercity services. The existing Bathurst Bullet service leaves Bathurst Station at 5.46am and then departs from Central Station in the evening at 5.47pm, arriving in Bathurst at 9.33pm.

The new service will stop at both Tarana and Rydal stations, allowing for better connections to Oberon and surrounding communities. This is considered a big win for these communities which have been fighting for these services since 2012, when the first Bathurst Bullet was introduced. These stops will also be added to the current service.


Featured Bus Route – August 2019

This month our featured bus route is Route 458, which runs between Burwood and Ryde via Strathfield, Concord Hospital and Rhodes. It is operated by State Transit.

A Route 458 service passes Burwood Station – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The corridor between Burwood and Ryde has been serviced by many bus routes throughout history. The earliest know predecessor to route 458 was route 59. Commencing service between City York Street and Concord on 27 January 1933, Route 59 was one of the original DGT bus services. Upon the opening of the Ryde Bridge on 8 December 1935, the service was extended to Ryde. It was renumbered into the Sydney three digit numbering system as Route 959 on 3 November 1940.

From 1 September 1941, Route 959 trips that diverted via Concord Hospital were renumbered 958. On 21 September 1941, Route 958 became its own distinct route, operating between Burwood and Concord Hospital. On 29 August 1943, Route 958 was renumbered Route 458. Route 458 retained a similar route and timetable between 1943 and 1990.

On 7 October 1990, Route 458 was extended to Ryde, replacing 459 services. From 24 June 2001, selected peak hour services were extended to run to/from Macquarie Centre. 10 September 2006 saw evening and Sunday service introduced. From 4 November 2007, the service was rerouted via Rhodes shops, replacing Route 460. From 4 June 2017, all services were changed to run between Burwood and Ryde only.

Route 458 is operated out of State Transits’ Ryde Depot. It operates a half hourly frequency between 6am and Midnight Monday through Saturday and hourly between 8am and 10pm on Sundays.

State Transit and Transit Systems Service Adjustments from 28 July 2019

From 28 July 2019 there will be adjustments to services operated by State Transit and Transit Systems. These adjustments are being made to support more reliable journey times, improve timetable spacing to reduce bus bunching and simply services by removing duplicated routes.

State Transit and Transit Systems buses will have timetable adjustments from 28 July 2019

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Featured Bus Route – July 2019

EDITORS NOTE – We are moving the “Featured Bus Route” series from the end of the month to the beginning of the month from this month. Going forward, “Featured Bus Route” series posts will be published on or around the first Sunday of the month. We are also looking for an idea of what routes and information that our readers would like to see published in future editions of the Featured Bus Route series. Please let us know by using the contact form or sending us an email. 

For July 2019, our featured bus route is Route 962 between Miranda and East Hills via Sutherland, Menai, Illawong, Padstow, Revesby and UWS Millperra.  It is operated by Transdev NSW.


On 11 February 1935, Route 237 between Sutherland and Woronora Rover was commenced by GH Ramsay. By December 1948 the service was transferred to Mayman Bros and it was later rerouted to Prince Edward Park in Woronora. From 1956 school trips were operated as far as Menai, with the service later extending to Padstow via Menai on all journeys from November 1980. By 1984, the operator had become Menai Bus Service.

From 16 November 1987, Route 237 was renumbered into the Sydney Region Route Numbering System. Routes 960-961-962-963 operated a shared trunk route between Sutherland and Menai, with the four routes all branching off beyond this point to cover different parts of the previous Route 237. Route 962 operated along the stretch between Sutherland and Menai only. In August 1989, the service was transferred to Deanes Coaches, who then later changed their name to Southtrans in July 1989.

From 8 November 1989, Route 962 was extended from Menai to Padstow, with selected services extending to Bankstown. From 12 October 1992 the service was modified to operate between Miranda and Bankstown via Sutherland, Menai and Padstow. From September 1994, the service was truncated back to Padstow instead of Bankstown. Route 961 was absorbed into Route 962 from 20 October 1997, which meant that all Miranda to Padstow services were now numbered 962.

By June 2002, Route 962 was being operated by Connex NSW. Later, on 22 July 2002, the service was curtailed to operate between Sutherland and Padstow only. This truncation was only short lived, with services to Miranda resuming on 12 May 2003.

On 18 May 2006, the service was transferred to Veolia Transport. As a result of the Ministry of Transport review of Region 10 all Route 962 services operated between Miranda and Bankstown from 28 May 2006. A trial extension of the route to Cronulla on weekends was introduced for a 6 month trial on 21 September 2009 as part of the Ministry of Transport review of Region 11. This extension was later made permanent. On 1 July 2013, Veolia Transport merged with Transdev, with the combined entity operating as Transdev NSW.

Most recently, on 2 December 2018, Route 962 was rerouted to East Hills via Revesby and UWS Milperra, with the Padstow to Bankstown corridor now serviced by the M92. Additionally, weekend services to Cronulla were also discontinued at this time. This meant that Route 962 now operated Miranda to East Hills via Sutherland, Menai, Illawong, Padstow, Revesby and UWS Milperra.


Route 962 operates every 15-20 minutes during weekday peak hour and every 30 minutes during weekday off-peak and on Saturdays. Monday through Saturday the service operates between 6am and Midnight.  On Sundays Route 962 is an hourly service operating between 8am and 8pm only.

Hillsbus Changes from 28 July 2019

From Sunday 28 July there will be major changes to Hillsbus operations in the Hills District and North West. The changes build on the opening of the Sydney Metro North West Line and provide more frequent services in the local area to cover the new stations, shopping and medical precincts.

There will be changes to Hillsbus services in the Hills District – Transport NSW Blog Collection

New and modified bus services will will provide connections to Sydney Metro services in Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Bella Vista and Castle Hill. There will also be more services to new residential developments including Arnold Avenue and Foxall Road.

Since Sydney Metro opened there has been reduced demand on buses travelling to destinations like Macquarie Park, Chatswood, North Sydney and the Sydney CBD via the M2. Some M2 bus services will be adjusted to reflect the reduced demand.

Regular M2 buses will continue to run between the North West, Macquarie Park, North Sydney and Sydney CBD, but if you are travelling to areas like Chatswood you will be able to access turn-up-and-go Sydney Metro services with extra local services to connect to your nearest station.

Find a full list of service changes below the jump.

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