Bus Changes from December 2

From Sunday December 2 2018 there will be changes to many bus services across Sydney. These changes affect State Transit, Transit Systems and Transdev services across Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Northern Beaches and Pittwater, Sutherland Shire and Upper North Shore areas. The changes are designed to better reflect current customer travel patterns and provide more travel options.


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Featured Bus Route – December 2018

This month our featured bus route is Route 477 operated by Transit Systems. It operates between Rockdale and Miranda via Kogarah and Sans Souci.

Ansair Orana Scania L113CRL mo3799 operates at 477 towards Miranda through Sans Souci – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Route 477 began operation in 1959. The old trolley bus system which had serviced the area since June 1937 closed on 29 August 1959. As such, beginning on 30 August 1959 Route 477 became one of a number of bus services to act as direct replacements to the trolley bus. It initially began as a service from Rockdale to Sans Souci via Rockdale, operating direct down Rocky Point Road during peak hours only, with the 476 and 478 providing service outside these peak hours. From March 1966, most services were truncated to Kogarah Station, with only a few buses continuing through to Rockdale.

The largest changes to the Route 477 service occurred during the 1990s. From 5 August 1990, the service was extended to run between Kogarah and Caringbah via Sans Souci, replacing peak hour Route 303 extensions that serviced the corridor between Sans Souci and Caringbah. At this time Route 477 still only operated during peak hours. From 12 January 1992, the service was altered to run along its current route between Rockdale and Miranda. Additionally, at this time Route 477 had its hours of service increased so it operated Monday to Saturday during daylight hours. From 25 February 1996, a Sunday service was also introduced.

Prior to 1 July 2018, Route 477 was operated by the State Transit Authority of New South Wales (State Transit or STA) and its predecessors; the Urban Transit Authority (UTA) and the Department of Government Transport (DGT). As part of the competitive tendering of Sydney Metropolitan Bus Contract Region 6, the service was taken over by Transit Systems (TSA) on 1 July 2018.

Today Route 477 is operated by Transit Systems out of their Tempe depot. The route is serviced by regular 12.5m buses, some of which are wheelchair accessible.  The route operates between 6am and 10pm daily and takes between 30-45 minutes to operate end to end depending on time of day.

Bustech VST Scania K280UB 2814ST operates a 477 towards Rockdale through Sans Souci – Transport NSW Blog Collection


Photos – November 2018

The best transport photos from November 2018! This month we saw movember themed buses and participated in the Sydney Airport Runway Run. This months photo set focuses on these events.

Transit Systems has adorned their buses with Moustaches in support of Movember – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Carbridge Mercedes-Benz O405NH Custom Coaches “CB60” TV9278 operating for the  Sydney Airport Runway Run – Transport NSW Blog Collection
VH-JZG, an ex-Jetgo Embraer ERJ135 on the tarmac at Sydney Airport – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Sydney Airport Runway 25, also known as the ‘East West’ during the Sydney Airport Runway Run – Transport NSW Blog Collection
A6-ECM, an Emirates 777-300ER on the tarmac at Sydney Airport – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Contactless Expands to Trains

From today contactless card payments are now available for services operated by Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink . When catching these services customers will now be able to tap on and off with their contactless card in lieu of their Opal Card.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.47.13 pm.png

Most American Express, Mastercard, Visa credit / debit cards or a smartphone, tablet or wearable device linked to one of these cards will be accepted on trains under these changes. Charges will be equivalent to the standard peak Opal fare for the same journey. Daily and weekly caps on charges will also be applied, making card travel as affordable as possible.

Not available using Contactless payments include Weekly Travel Rewards, Transfer Discounts, Off-peak train fare discounts, Trip Advantage and free access to Opal Park and Ride carparks.

This comes as the trial of contactless payments of Ferries and Light Rail have been successful, and will continue indefinitely.

State Transit Goes Cash Free

From Sunday 2 December 2018 State Transit Bus Services will become cash free. This includes all services operated by STA, including buses in the Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches. STA services in the Riverside Suburbs and North West are already cash free.


This will mean that Opal single tickets will no longer be sold onboard any State Transit bus service and passengers must have an Opal Card with sufficient balance in order to travel. This new policy is expected to speed up services and increase reliability by removing delays caused by ticket sales.

South East Transport Changes from 2 December

From Sunday 2 December, there will be major changes to State Transit and Transit Systems services in the South East of Sydney. These changes form part of the ‘Green Square and Waterloo Transport Action Plan’ that is designed to sustainably improve transport connections and accessibility in the region.

Route 303 is one of the many routes that will have changes

“These enhancements will benefit Green Square and Waterloo customers, creating capacity for more than 20,000 additional weekly passengers,” according to Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast. Two new turn up and go services will be added, as well as additional peak hour and late night services and improved connections to the Australian Technology Park in Redfern.

The Green Square and Waterloo area is one of the fastest growing areas in the world. By 2022 it will have a population density higher than most parts of Singapore or Hong Kong, with over 22 000 people per square kilometre. These changes are needed to cope with all of these new residents. Additionally, the plan includes the new Waterloo Metro Station, Road and Cycleway upgrades as well as a potential light rail line.

Key Changes Include;

New Routes
  • Rosebery and Circular Quay via Zetland, Waterloo and Surry Hills. Serves East Village Shopping Centre
  • New 24/7, turn-up and go service
  • Port Botany and Mascot Station via Matraville, Eastgardens, Pagewood, Botany and Mascot shops
  • Provides local coverage and connections to buses at Eastgardens, Botany and Mascot and trains at Mascot station.
  • Replaces route 309 and 310 in the Port Botany, Matraville and Eastgardens areas.
  • Railway Square and Port Botany via Redfern, Green Square station and Botany Road.
  • Every 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peaks.
  • Replaces route L09
  • Banksmeadow and Railway Square via Botany, Mascot, and Green Square station.
  • Running every 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peaks. Combined with route 309, this will result in buses every 5 minutes between Botany Shops and Green Square station during peak periods
  • Replaces route X09 and X10 services
  • All-stops service between Eastgardens and Bondi Junction
  • Replaces limited stops route 400 overnight services between 12am – 5am
Amended Routes



  • Changed to operate to and from Redfern Station, providing new links to the rail network
  • Route 304 will provide services between Rosebery, Waterloo and the City
  • Changed to operate between Redfern Station and Mascot only
  • Service frequency adjusted to every 30 minutes
  • Changed to operate between Marrickville Metro and Central Station full time
  • Weekday morning and afternoon peak hour services currently terminating at or commencing from Redfern Station will be extended to Central Station via Redfern and Chalmers/Elizabeth Streets
  • Changed to operate between Banksmeadow and Railway Square
  • Running every 12 minutes or better during the day, 7 days a week, with services around every 10 minutes during morning and afternoon peak times on weekdays, and every 15 minutes during evenings (30 mins late night
  • Additional services across the week, including higher capacity with proposed increase of 18% more capacity between 7am-8am and 16% capacity between 8am-9am.
  • Limited stops route 400 overnight services between 12am – 5am replaced by new route 400N All-stops service between Eastgardens and Bondi Junction
Cancelled Routes




  • Services will no longer operate.
  • Replaced by new services


Featured Bus Route – November 2018

Route 607x between Rouse Hill and City QVB via T-Way and M2 is our featured bus route for November. Operated by Hillsbus, this is a route that has been immensely successful over its relatively short operational period. It has seen numerous frequency upgrades and the use of double deckers to meet demand.

A Bustech CDi operates a 607x past Wynyard – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The 607x began operation as a supplementary, pre-Christmas route between Railway Square and Rouse Hill Town Centre via T-Way in that direction only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 December 2011. Due to its success, it was upgraded to a off peak, late night and weekend two way service from 3 January 2012, with non the non T-Way 617x continuing in peak hours. Continued success saw a frequency upgrade as well as peak hour services introduced from 30 April 2012. Due to CBD and South East Light Rail works, the route was truncated on the city end to City QVB from 4 October 2015. Route 607x became a designated overnight service from 27 February 2016, with 24 service on Friday and Saturday nights. At this time a turn up and go peak hour service was introduced as well as high capacity double decker buses.

Today it operates every 5 minutes in peak hour, every 15-20 minutes off peak and every 30 minutes later at night. It sees service between 5am and 1am Sunday through Thursdays with 24 hour service on Fridays and Saturdays. It is operated by 14.5m and double decker buses from the CDC Hillsbus Foundary Road Depot.


Reader Proposals & Questions – Sydney Metro

We often receive some great submissions from our readers – and those particular readers love seeing their work get shared on the blog. Today we have two maps showing potential future rail plans for Sydney. Scroll down further to see a few of the Sydney Metro related questions we have also received recently.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 2.19.11 pm.jpeg
Future Sydney Metro Network Concept Plan – Zac Scott

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Photos – October 2018

Here are our favourite transport photos from October

The start of the new rail tunnel between Bella Vista and Epping at Bella Vista – Transport NSW Blog Collection
New Bella Vista Metro Station – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The first day of 362 operation for the 2018/19 summer – Transport NSW Blog Collection
B2, the first Waratah B set to enter service – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The new Sydney Metro Skytrain cable stayed bridge at Rouse Hill – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The new truncated 400 to Sydney Airport – Transport NSW Blog Collection
StationLink SL1 to Chatswood leaves Epping – Transport NSW Blog Collection
V40 trails V7 out of Beecroft on a Newcastle Service – Transport NSW Blog Collection

A Period of Progress

The past few weeks have been a time of great progress right across Transport in NSW. Major projects that have seen great progression of late include Newcastle and Sydney Light Rail projects as well as the Sydney Metro City and Northwest projects.

Newcastle Light Rail

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.16.22 am.png
Tram Under Test on Hunter Street – Newcastle Herald

The light rail line up in Newcastle is now in full testing mode. It is the first wire-free light rail line in Australia and has now began testing using its batteries, which are recharged at each station. Currently most testing is being done at night however daytime testing is scheduled.

Sydney Light Rail

The Randwick Racecourse turnback – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The signalling centre has now been turned on and live daytime tests using the signals in the Randwick Racecourse turnback have begun whilst regular at speed tests to Lang Road continue. Further, most stations have now begun construction and track laying is nearly complete.

Sydney Metro City

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.16.47 am.png
TBM Nancy at the Marrickville Tunnelling Site – Transport For NSW

Tunnelling for the Sydney Metro City project has begun. Tunnel Boring Machine Nancy is one of five TBMs that will build this project and it has recently been deployed from the Marrickville Tunnelling site, from where it will tunnel as far as Barangaroo. The other four TBMs will begin tunnelling in coming months.

Sydney Metro Northwest 

The Skytrain portion of the Metro at Rouse Hill – – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Most civil construction for Sydney Metro Northwest is now complete, with stations now in the fit out stage. The Epping to Chatswood section of the line now under conversion to allow for the automated single decker trains to operate along it.

Other Updates

The newly truncated 400 at Mascot Station, with a bus at the new 357 layover behind – Transport NSW Blog Collection
One of dozens of buses replacing trains as part of the new StationLink network – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The new train timetable introduced on September 30 seem to be less problematic than last Novembers (touch wood), with no major delays or complaints being fielded. The new bus networks in the Eastern Suburbs seem to be working relatively well and the StationLink appears to be coping with demand and traffic conditions up in Macquarie Park.

Look out for more photos of Transport in October next Wednesday as well as our Sydney’s Transport History feature into the Demise of the Sydney Tramways which will be released later this week.